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a question [Jul. 24th, 2009|01:46 pm]
The Astronomicon, the beacon of light in the dark


ok, awhile back i decided to make a whole space marine chapter. all ten companies. fluff wise they do not fallow the standard codex. i had decided that the chapter would be divided into two of the preheresy Battle Companies, each with two tactical, one assault, one one recon, and one fire support sub company (ready each as a normal company).

on to my question. what should the fire support sub company be made up of? each sub company should be able to function independently if need be (and be a playable army in it's own right). should i make it like a standard devastator company or something else. maybe have it made up of two heavy weapon tac squads aka two 5 man squads?

mostly i want to know what should the make up of the squads be? should it be ten devastator squads? or some thing else?

so far i have one of each of the other sub companies. the tac one is just like a standard tac company. the assault one is currently fitted for ship to ship assault and breaching operations with two assault weapons and a lot of terminators. the recon company can infiltrate and has most of the bikes and speeders. just so you can know how i have it so far.

one thing i plan on adding in is a forward observer rhino. it is what is on the battle field and the real gun sits way in the back. for game purposes it would basically be the gun on the table and i just say it is calling in the shots. none of this artillery sitting with in spitting distance of the front lines.

any ways any thoughts?

oh and i'm using the old 4th ed codex with the traits and such. me and my friends are skipping 5th ed.