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Some new (and very sick) IG Datasheets are up [Dec. 21st, 2009|05:06 pm]
The Astronomicon, the beacon of light in the dark


Rough Rider Company
To get this you need to purchase 6 or more rough Rider squads. I'm not really seeing how they are all going to enter withing 6" of the command squad, but we'll ignore that for now. For this you get Flank March and Skilled Rider for everyone in the formation. Then every RR unit within 6" of the command unit gets Furious Charge and +2 Attacks on the charge. Ouch.Also, RR units are rather weak. The odds of them reaching an enemy with all the shots that are flying about in Apocalypse is slim.

Heavy Weapon Company
You know how much those crazy IG kids love their heavy weapons. Well now if you take a command squad and 12 or more heavy weapon squads, you get Target Aquired. That means that once per shooting phase you get to pick one VERY unfortunate unit and everyone shoots it it like that poor innocent nerd that wandered in the middle of the most savage snowball fight ever. As if that were not bad enough ("Ok you need to make 75 armor saves...") everyone in the formation that shoots at that target counts as twin linked. It should just say "remove an enemy unit from play" and be done with it. The only real downside to this formation would be trying to place 12+ heavy weapon squads within 12" of the command squad.

Armageddon Stompa Hunters
Many IG players are going to have access to 10 or so Sentinels, right? So this formation is not as costly as other may be and you get quite a bang for you buck. All Sentinels get to add +1 to their armor penetration rolls if they are within 12" of the command guy. As if that was not enough, every Sentinel in the formation can double tap its weapons. Not, twin-linked. Shoot twice. If they do this then they are up S Creek sans paddle the next turn as they can't move or shoot.

Storm Trooper Strike Force
Now this makes me want to play IG. You take 3+ ten-man ST squads each with a Valkyrie transport. You get the Vital Objective SA, but that is almost incidental. In the turn that these guys jump out of their transports, you can move (if you can move), shoot, run, then shoot again. What's more, if that all cover saves taken against these shots are at -1. Whit those fancy new hot shot las guns, that makes this formation quite wicked.

[User Picture]From: warlord683
2009-12-22 10:54 pm (UTC)
Good -other then being in a formation that gets them the -1 cover thing this is what most people do for a normal IG army these days anyway >_>;
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[User Picture]From: vurumai
2009-12-23 03:37 am (UTC)
When they make plastic storm troopers, I'm buying this formation and starting IG.
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