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Vacation Loot [Apr. 12th, 2010|07:00 am]
The Astronomicon, the beacon of light in the dark


[mood |blahblah]

So i went to a model airplane convention with the folks over the weekend and I came back with some loot. I got an air compressor & paint powders. The Paint powders are just like what ForgeWorld is carrying http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Modelling-Supplies, i got 8 colors -which is basically the first set of 6 they offer + a few extras (medium earth & dark iron in addition, specifically) which i got for $40.00 for containers that are twice as large as the bottles they supply there dust in. Lucky me!

I'm going to try them out on a few Skeletons, the weapons and such, just to see how they work. I might sacrifice one just to see how well bone comes out but i dunno. I suppose i need to get motivated first before i do anything.

I'm sooo upset though. I went to the Games Day and they had a Bazaar Bazaar at my local GW. I missed the opportunity to buy a Forge World Greater Daemon of Khorne for 50$ still in its original packaging and in box. OMG -_-;